Baby number three!!! Mr. Nishan Singh Chahal is here! Arrived as a surprise at 38 weeks and 2 days!  I thought I would share some ups and downs and observations of my third pregnancy leading up to the birth of my last little angel.



Bigger, Faster….


I’ve noticed a trend with all of my pregnancies and this third one has solidified my theory. With each child, everything gets bigger, faster. Perhaps my muscles and metabolism have an excellent memory but it seemed like everything in me jumped at the opportunity to grow and enlarge. It’s not just that my pants were too small the moment of conception but all my lovely symptoms showed up faster as well.


20170630_144613 20170630_144710 20170630_144926


One thing that has been fun and different about this pregnancy is that my two kids are old enough to somewhat understand what is happening. I’ve taken my oldest to some appointments with me to hear the heartbeat and to see the 3d Ultrasound. They both love to smother say hi to the baby within. Jahan would claim he can hear the baby crying in my belly when he puts his ear to my belly. And it’s just fun and different to have kids share in the excitement.

20170524_183653 IMG-20170310-WA0005


I’m pretty sure I have the back of a 60 year old woman. Being pregnant at 31 and then again at 37, HUGE difference.

Speaking of back problems, have I introduced you to Mr. Snoogle? No, this is not a pet-name for my husband. In fact, my husband has expressed some jealousy of my new friend. Here’s why.

I used to laugh at the thought of these and was convinced anyone who has them was a high-maintenance pregnant lady. However, after wrestling with the 4 pillows each night that created some sort of feather fortress to keep me comfortable, I caved and bought one. While it hasn’t solved all of my achy-issues that happen while sleeping, it for sure has helped.


Doctor visits….

Here’s one major difference between 1st pregnancy and a 3rd pregnancy.

First Pregnancy:

“OK, next OB appointment is in 29 days…Gosh that seems like forever away! Better start clearing that morning’s schedule now though….”

“14 days until next appointment. Can’t wait! Need to confirm that my husband knows the date and time too. He of course needs to be there.”

“10 days until next appointment. Better start putting together my list of questions now. Wouldn’t want to forget to ask her something…”

“I felt something strange. Better call the doctor and ask about it.”


Third Pregnancy:

“Do I really need all of these appointments? It seems a bit excessive…”

“Felt something strange. #pregnant. Moving on.”

“What week am I again?”

“Honey, our due date is August 7. Just make sure you’re in town around then, k?”

I am so happy I experience this pregnancy with the best OB, Dr. Vidia Persaud. She kept me calm and grounded and always reassured me. We even came up with a birth plan to have Dr. Persaud be on shift when I went into labour. But little Mr. Chahal couldnt wait just 3 more days!


Much Love for the Baby….

Not sure why this is but I already have a great affection for the baby. My loose theory is that after two babies, the pregnancy doesn’t seem as abstract as it did in with the others. We know what’s in there is our CHILD. We know it is going to have its own look, its own personality, and its own quirks and will forever change our family and our lives. We also know how fast infancy will go. There is just something more familiar about the 3rd pregnancy that makes us focus on the child in the womb rather than the process of being pregnant. I also love its little kicks because I know how much I will miss them in just a few months.

Well, I think that sums things up pretty well for the pregnancy feelings!

On to the birth of Nishan!!

3 weeks ago tonight, I was actually in my labour room anticipating this would be a quick one, since my other 2 were super-fast!

We had friends over for dinner, nothing special, just some Hakka Chinese take-out, hung out and let the kids play. At about 730pm, while sitting on the couch with my girlfriend, watching the boys drinking and chatting, I felt it. My water break. Something I hadn’t experienced before. It literally was a GUSH as they say, and sounded like I opened a water bottle and was pouring it on the floor!
Was such a crazy outer body experience!
Everyone sprung into GO mode, my friend started to clean me, lol, the boys looked in a panic, but I think I was still in disbelief.

Couldn’t help but get into mommy mode, and just think about what Jahan and Sahana needed since I would now be gone for at least a day or 2.

I was so lucky that these friends were here, now they are nothing less than family, I feel so emotional and blessed to know they were such a big part of Nishan’s birth story. My girlfriend stayed calm, and did the little chores I wanted to get done before I left, took care of the kids, put the boys in check and was just GREAT.  As I was walking out the door, Harry kept repeating “positivie vibes” just for some reassurance and I think that stayed with me throughout my delivery.

Thank you Harry and Rippan, you will never really know how much from the bottom of my heart you guys being there really meant to me.


I called my mom and headed off to the hospital!!

In the car with Harj, was feeling quite emotional and just turned to him and said, can you believe we are doing this AGAIN. I think we were both smiling but teary-eyed with anticipation of the evening to come!

Just mixed emotions of love, anxiety, nervousness and excitement washed over me. Just being there again and the anticipation of not knowing how the night will go.

As we approached the nurse’s station, I saw the dreaded OB that I had with Sahana and couldn’t believe my luck, but kept thinking “positive vibes” and the next person I saw was the greatest nurse EVER, Michelle. She was with me for my labour with Jahan, but had finished her shift at 730pm, and Jahan was born at 941pm. She was there for my entire labour with Sahana, but again finished shift at 730am and she was born at 741am, but now here she was again! Was just fate to have this angel there and that she was!
She was assigned to me for Nishan’s labour and I can’t believe how incredibly supportive, encouraging and amazing she was with me. Because of her Nishan is here safe and sound! There definitely was some scary moments during my labour, that got me so overwhelmed not knowing what would happen, from Nishan’s heart rate continually dropping, to getting sick and weak from the meds, and the OB wanted to take me in for a C section which made me ball my head off. But NOTHING went in a negative direction and I owe it all to Michelle.

Thank you Michelle, for being my angel and bringing my angels into this world.


Nothing could have prepared me for the moment I first saw him. He was handed to me and I was overwhelmed. I was full of gratitude… and overwhelmed. Once the reality sunk in that I was really holding him, I knew that I’d love him forever. Just as I felt when I met Jahan and Sahana.

20170723_130405 - Copy

To my third precious baby,

From the moment you were born and I lifted you up onto my chest, I loved you. When I discovered that I had another little boy, I was overwhelmed with happiness. When I looked into your dark brown newborn eyes, my heart was so full. Meeting you was just as magical as it was meeting your brother and sister before you. I was mesmerized by you from the very beginning, and your gender had nothing to do with it. You are each your own unique person and that is what I love about you. I look forward to every new thing you will learn, the first time you smile, and laugh, sit up, clap your hands, learn to crawl, and will be just as amazing for us to see the third time around as it was the first. We are all totally captivated by you. Third time around some things are different. We are a little less stressed, we know somewhat we’re doing, we’re more relaxed and confident. But some things will never change, whether it’s my first baby or my third. The wonder in watching you grow and learn about the world will be just as great. The excitement of getting to know a new little person is just as strong, every single time. Every time.

Never doubt how special you are, baby boy. How unique and wonderful you are, and how much happiness you bring to us. I am so so grateful to have you.


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