This is the time of the year when we reflect back on everything that we accomplished in 365 days.

What is a year, when you measure it in friendships, in who or what was forgiven, forgiveness too, is a funny thing because when you truly forgive — all of a sudden it doesn’t matter how long the strife went on for, it’s gone and it becomes a new beginning.

This year dear souls are now Angels and their lives on this earth, cut way too short. Their losses are very profound to me. And really makes you stop and slow down and really reflect what is important.

And I realized that life can’t always be measured with time. While time – for sure has its practical purposes… it’s in the most precious things in life  — where time carries no meaning.

Which brings me to this present moment.

Measure your life in love –  in friendships – in laughter – in the times where you’ve helped someone who really needed it — they may have been sick or going through a rough patch. Measure your life in the times you’ve served another.

Every moment you come from a place of pure love and service — you will have accomplished so much and it’s in those precious times that truly matter the most.

Life can’t just be measured in the things you’ve bought or things you’ve attained,  it’s best measured in how you’ve lived – and the difference that you’ve made –  and can make – in the lives of others. Or the difference that someone has made in your life, so if someone has made a difference in your life,  let them know, right now… Onward 2019.  Blessings, Peace and Love for this new year!!!

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